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Bamboo Yarn
Cloth, yarn, and clothing are made out of bamboo fibres. While historically used only for structural elements, such as bustles and the ribs of corsets, in recent years a range of technologies have been developed allowing bamboo fibre to be used in a wide range of textile and fashion applications  
A soft bulky fabric with deep pile

French Terry
Terry cloth is a type of cloth that features loops and soft piles of yarns, resulting in very absorbent, moisture wicking material.

High Twist Yarns
We provide High Twist Yarns of all sorts and varieties.

Is a fabric that is versatile in its use. It can be applied from underwear to outerwear.

An item of knitted clothing, traditionally in wool or cotton, with sleeves, worn as a pullover. It is usually close-fitting and machine knitted.

Linen, Wool, and Silk Blends
Blends tend to bring together the best features of both materials used. Our bends are not limited to what you see here. Please feel free to call or submit a form to find out more.

Loose Knits
A material that when used produces a stretchy like comfortable product

Melange Cotton Yarn
We provide high quality mélange cotton yarn to satisfy your need, or complete orders as required.

Supima& Micro Modal
Supremely soft and silky, Supima Modal are very delicate. Supima Modal is also very light. Micro Modal is a fantastically soft material ideal for lingerie.

Is a material that interlocks with Modal

Fabrics used for buildingquilts, the material has on it fun graphics on it.

Organic Yarn
Yarn made from materials that were raised organically.

A weaving style, normally used with cotton yarn, which is characterized by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing. Twilled cotton and corded cotton are close relatives.

A decorative technique in which patterns are formed on a surface by a means of punched dots.

A manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber. Because it is produced from naturally occurring polymers, it is neither a truly synthetic fiber nor a natural fiber

A pattern in which vertical stripes of stockinette stitch alternate with vertical stripes of reverse stockinette stitch. These two types of stripes may be separated by other stripes in which knit and purl stitches alternate vertically.

Combined Ring Spun Cotton
Yarn that is reproduced on ring frame equipment. Tends to be a finer yarn with a softer hand when knit.

Semi-transparentand flimsy cloth. It is usually a very thin knit and is used to make tights

A synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than rubber, its major non-synthetic competitor.  

Sweater Knits
Fabric for the specific intent of being used in a sweater

Material Collections

We offer many different types of fabric for your project needs.